Analysis of Sexual Behavior certainly Adults for the Korea: Abilities from the newest “Korean National Questionnaire into Intimate Understanding”

Analysis of Sexual Behavior certainly Adults for the Korea: Abilities from the newest “Korean National Questionnaire into Intimate Understanding”

Analysis of Sexual Behavior certainly Adults for the Korea: Abilities from the newest “Korean National Questionnaire into Intimate Understanding”


This study aligned to learn the characteristics out of intimate routines among Korean adults to help you facilitate the development of measures and you may policies concentrated towards the intimate health inside the groups classified from the sociodemographic services.

Content and methods

A nationally representative likelihood decide to try off 2,five-hundred someone (1,273 guys and you will 1,227 girls) aged 18–69 years received playing with an excellent stratified several-stage testing approach considering Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) participated in a combination-sectional paid survey. New survey consisted of prepared questionnaires comprising issues on the group information, lifetime intimate behavior, and you will intimate behavior in the previous 12 months.


The brand new suggest age at first sexual intercourse is low in men than in people (21.9±cuatro.4 versus. 24.1±4.4 years, p=0.001). The overall frequency speed from sexual incidents having everyday partners inside past 12 months is actually thirteen.1% (95% believe interval [CI], eleven.6%–fourteen.5%). It had been discovered in order to commonly exist among down age groups and you may men. All round regular condom explore pricing having relationship mate and you will casual spouse was indeed 14.8% (95% CI, 13.2%–sixteen.4%) and you may 39.6% (95% CI, 33.9%–forty-five.3%), correspondingly. Condom fool around with speed having informal lovers among 20s and you may 30s men try 51.2%. Overall, merely ten.4% of your participants had been administered intimate training about intimately sent attacks.


This study given modern sexual practices in the Korean people, and known socio-group activities that seem in order to influence intimate routines. Reduced condom play with costs and you may low-rate away from researching intimate education were questions. Caused by this study could well be good for health professionals so you’re able to establish guidelines and methods linked to intimate fitness.


Sexual better-being is very important to possess a satisfactory sex life that’s closely about the fresh real, intellectual, and social well-becoming away from one. Into the 2002, the nation Wellness Organization (WHO) discussed sexual fitness since “a state from physical, mental, intellectual, and you can personal well-being associated with sexuality; this is simply not merely its lack of situation, breakdown, or infirmity” . To achieve intimate fitness as per the Just who and you may introduce related policies and you can strategies, updated population studies into the sexual emotions and you can choices are essential.

As opposed to West places, sharing intimate practices has been a taboo from inside the Korea, resulting in too little knowledge for the sexual decisions. Personal sense from the sexually sent problems (STIs) and you may person immunodeficiency virus/gotten immune deficiency problem changed substantially within the Korea on the past 30 years , producing interest on individual sex and you will intimate behavior. Furthermore, sexual knowledge is within the all around health curriculum in of numerous Korean universities due to the fact 2009 . not, STI prevalence during the Korea has slowly enhanced in the groen en enkele dating site last couples decades . Even though the factor in it’s perhaps not become determined certainly, intimate practices connected with very early intimate first, paid off gender and you can condom incorporate have been speculated since the causative things . For this reason, so you’re able to frame federal sexual health software, intimate decisions study concerning general inhabitants is essential. Recent surveys toward sexual choices integrated restricted a long time and you may was basically held only one of males otherwise people, otherwise particularly examined only large-exposure organizations. More importantly, a few of these surveys weren’t performed nation-wider [six,7,8,9,10].

The newest nationwide member questionnaire of mature sexual conclusion in the Korea is actually conducted within the 2001, as an element of the global Study of Intimate Attitudes and you may Routines (GSSAB) [eleven,12]; however, they incorporated just center so you can old-age communities (40–80 ages). Many change took place Korea within the last decade, possibly impacting intimate conclusion. The newest widespread availability of medications dealing with male impotence has increased sexual activity one of older adults , and simple access to the internet through smart phones possess swayed intimate studies . Thus, updated national study representing modern-day Korean intimate decisions is necessary to select teams vulnerable to intimate disease. This study try therefore held to acquire baseline research included in framing intimate fitness methods and you can procedures.

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